Why you need a Massage Chair

Why you need a Massage Chair

Massages, whether they be Chinese, Thai, Swedish or other types, all make us feel relaxed. Behind these relaxing massages are many health benefits which science proves to be beneficial for the body and the mind.

In a world filled with stressful events, such as COVID Lockdowns, wars, rising costs of livings and tense work/life situations, the number of mental health cases is reaching an all-time high in history. This has many hidden impacts on our physical wellbeing too. When we become stressed, a hormone called cortisol is release into our bloodstream, which disrupts our immune, digestion and reproductive systems.

Normally, cortisol is only released in moments where humans are in fear for their life, or are preparing to defend themselves from attackers. According to MayoClinic, when these cortisol levels go beyond our normal flight or flight instincts, and happen outside of these circumstances, then these high cortisol levels can develop into many health issues, including:

– Anxiety
– Depression
– Digestive problems
– Headaches
– Muscle tension and pain
– Heart disease, heart attacks, high blood pressure and stroke
– Sleep problems
– Weight gain

In time, these can develop even further, more serious health problems such as diabetes if not looked after!

As such, relaxation treatments such as massages are essential to reducing the amount of cortisol in our blood and allow us to destress. This allows us to experience less of these symptoms, and give ourselves more health benefits that come from massage.

Did you know that massages can help improve the blood circulation and reduce blood pressure in our bodies? By simply having better blood circulation and reduced blood pressure, it becomes easier to relax and lose weight, helping us feel better about ourselves when surrounded by others. In addition, with increased blood circulation, our cognitive abilities can see improvement from increase oxygen and nutrition to all aspects of our body.

Massages also help increase the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine in our body. These neurotransmitters are incredibly important as they help us relax more and feel happier. While reducing the symptoms listed above, dopamine and serotonin can help reduce stress. Some of the benefits include:
– Helping you sleep well by regulating circadian rhythms
– Helping regulate appetite
– Promoting learning and memory
– Promoting positive feelings and prosocial behaviour

Your muscles also benefit from getting a massage by strengthening and building up muscle fibre by kneading, rubbing and pressing down on them. This helps form a nicer shaped muscle tone and leads to having softer muscles. As we age, our muscles tend to receive less stimulus and become weaker over time when not engaged frequently enough. However, with frequent massages, your muscles can remain feeling healthy and strong.

Better yet, massage therapy can lead to improvements in nerve function and stimulate the recovery of damaged nerves. Say goodbye to symptoms such as tingling sensations, numbness, pins and needles, and other general problems that come from nerve damage.

In a country like ours, high-impact sport such as football, rugby, skiing, snowboarding and gym-ing are very common. Another common phenomenon which arises from these sports is muscle damage and injury. These can lead to muscle soreness, for which, once again, massages are heavily recommended and used to help treat. Because massages can provide relief from pain and help speed up the recovery of muscles, sports stars and gym goers alike all go for massages to help unwind and recover.

Lastly, massage therapy can help improve the functionality of the lymphatic system. According to Cleveland Clinic, the lymphatic system serves to:

• Regulate fluid levels in your body
• Absorb fats from the digestive system
• Protect your body against foreign germs and viruses

The last point is perhaps the most significant, as the lymphatic system is one of the integral components of our body’s immune system. It produces and disperses white blood cells to target and destroy foreign germs and viruses that enter our bodies. As massages can help increase the lymphatic flow in our bodies, and bolster its vitality, it becomes important to take care of your lymphatic system.

As such, going for a massage is something that most people should consider doing more often. Yet many of us are busy, and don’t have the time to go for one, or maybe live too far away. At Irelax New Zealand, we can bring home the massage with massage chairs, massage sofas, massage guns and more! If you’re interested in high quality massages from the comfort of your home, browse our shop and see what’s in store for you!

Not only can a massage chair help you, but it can help your entire family! Our massage chairs are suited for everyone in the family to use daily. Whether you’ve just come home from work, need a break from chores, or the kids have come from school, everyone can relax in an Irelax massage chair. Give you and your family a lifetime investment in a high quality massage chair in your home, and help achieve physical and mental wellness for everyone today!