What’s the Difference Between Massage Chairs?

Multiple Massage Chairs In a Row, With Colours Including Black, White, Red, Grey, and Mist Blue

I’ll do my best to answer that in three sweet minutes, so bear with me! We first need to answer…

What should you look for in a massage chair?

There are so many massage chairs to use, and serve a range of budgets. But what makes one massage chair more expensive than the other?

Here’s a small list which highlights some of the differences.

Massage Chair Sensors / Detectors

This is one of the main differences between massage chair models. This is because the more sensors or detectors a massage chair has, the more precise the massage will be. Based on the readings the detectors get, the massage chair can customise the massage to suit you more.

On one end of the scale, you will have the massage chairs you see in some airports, which give the same massage each time. On the other end of the scale, you will see massage chairs such as our Ogawa Master Drive Plus which comes packed with 8 sets of sensors, which detects temperature, position, strength, coverage, motor speed, acceleration and responsive feedback.

The difference here comes from the customisation in each massage chair. The more sensors and detectors you have, the more accurate and catered the massage will be for you.

Massage Chair Massage Reach

The next difference is where the massage chair will actually massage. Some massage chairs only will massage your back and hips, others will go from head to toe.

This segment is dependent on your needs, but generally speaking, the more muscles massaged, the better. This is because many models massage each muscle group at the same time, which helps increase the blood flow in your body, and makes the process easier. Our massage chair, the Irelax Smart Deluxe, has rollers in both the neck and feet areas to help target your whole body. It also has arm rest cushions to keep your arms nice and snug.

Massage Chair Resting Positions

This one makes so much of a difference, yet it’s so underrated.

We take pride in all of our massage chairs having the zero-gravity resting angle to get the most relaxing massage possible.

This resting position is what transforms the experience from one that just involves sitting to one where you are laying in zero gravity. Most other massage chairs and sofas provide a simple sitting experience, but our massage chairs transform into the zero gravity experience, making one of the most comfortable experiences to date.

Where can I learn more about massage chairs?

The team at Irelax NZ are more than happy to help you learn more about the wide range of massage chairs! With so many chairs available to choose from, we can invite you to try some instore thanks to our partner Good Massage! Come into our partners flagship store in Northcote