What Makes the Best Massage Chair the Best Massage Chair? Here’s the 3 Key Components of Every Massage Chair!

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Everyone can say that they have the massage chair, and attach a large price tag to it. But before you even consider buying any massage chair, you need to know what parts of a massage chair are important!

This blog will go over what aspects of a massage chair make it “the best”, and how it can help you make a better decision for what you need! All it takes is 3 C’s to know what you need!

However, the standard for “the best” often changes depending on what you want to use the massage chair for, so let’s have a look at the criteria, and what each does!

Best Massage Chair Component #1: Cushioning

What do I mean by cushioning? Well, massage chairs can either come with built-in cushions, or come with many air bags. These all provide a sense of cushioning, which helps make the massage experience much more comfortable, and way more relaxing.

Here’s one way to think about it, imagine a masseuse’s palm pressing against your back. Now compare that to a masseuse’s knuckle pressing against a specific muscle point.

That’s the difference that cushioning makes. If you’re looking for a softer massage which focuses on rubbing, then the best kind of massage chair for you is one that has more cushioning. If you’re looking for a massage chair that digs in deep, and unwinds your muscles like a deep tissue massage would, then you want to look for one that has less cushioning or has activatable and deactivatable air bags.

This is one of the biggest things that customers often ask us about, and it’s also why some people prefer different kinds of massages.

A Swedish massage is often known as the beginners massage because, like a cushioned massage, it applies pressure over a larger surface area to make it feel softer, and less direct on your muscles.

However, massage chairs which have less cushioning, or which have de-activatable air bags, will allow the massage rollers to target your muscles, and press deeper, as there’s less cushion between you and the massage chair.

Next time you’re thinking of buying a massage chair, think about whether or not you want to have a massage chair that can massage you deeply, or one that has a lot of cushioning.

For this criteria, the best massage chairs are the ones which have activatable airbags, as you can choose to alternate between the two, and give yourself the best of both worlds!

Best Massage Chair Component #2: Coverage

You might have heard of a 4D roller, you might also see 3D rollers, but what do they all mean? More often than not, the details are in the design.

OGAWA Master Drive A.I 4D New Intelligent Technology Massage Chair

Here is our Master Drive A.I which features the 4D massage rollers. To break down each of the D’s in 4D, let’s go through a quick list:

1D: The massage rollers move up and down

2D: The massage rollers move left and right

3D: The massage rollers move inwards and outwards

4D: The massage rollers now have the control over every aspect of the previous dimensions.

As you can see, with each increase in dimension for massage rollers comes a greater sense of massage reach. The 4th dimension allows you to get more control and reach more places than before. This is why the 4D massage rollers are most commonly found in our higher end massage chair models. In comparison to the other dimensions, the 4D massage rollers allow you to specifically target each and every point with perfect precision, and even control the rhythym and strength at which the rollers work. You control exactly how you get the massage, everytime!

For this criteria, we’d like to say that 4D massages are the best to have when it comes to control, however in terms of performance, anything above 3D is more than enough!

Best Massage Chair Component #3: Control

You’ve got to enjoy having a massage chair for it to be worth it, right?

So why would you buy a massage chair that doesn’t allow you to control where you reach?

For many people, letting a masseuse do what they think is fine if you’re going for a one off massage, but could you have that everyday?

Probably not.

It’s so important to know what you want, and get exactly that. This is also why the 4D massage rollers are so popular! You want to be able to control where you get massaged, how it’s massaged, and what style you prefer. But the truth is that many massage chairs can do this, the difference lies in the advanced processing.

Our Master Drive A.I is the most advanced massage chair on the market due to it’s A.I capabilities! Because of its many sensors, you’re able to find exactly where your body needs a massage, and then you can guide the A.I to massage you in the exact places you need. It will then calculate what pressure, style and method is needed. This way, based on your preferences, you can get the exact massage you want, everytime!

What is the best massage chair?

The truth is that there is no one best massage chair, it all depends on your budget! But with so many criteria to choose from, it’s easy to see why so many people love our Smart Reluxe Massage Chair! With it’s 3D massage rollers, it’s multiple control modes, and its airbag cushioning mode, it’s the best bang for your buck!