Try a Massage Chair, and You’ll Never go for a Massage Again

OGAWA Master Drive A.I Stormtrooper Limited Edition 4D Massage Chair

What makes me so confident in saying this?

We recently had someone come to our store and had them try the all-new Master Drive A.I Stormtrooper. Once they sat in the chair, they were having a 15-minute joyride trying out some of the features of the chair.

The end result? They came back next week to buy the chair.

What makes our massage chairs so special?

At Irelax NZ, we stock the best massage chairs, made by the best Japanese brands such as Ogawa, Breo and Rotai. You’ve seen our chairs in Albany mall, Manukau mall, and even The Base in Hamilton. We’ve grown at such a quick rate, and we’re only just getting started.

Endless Massages, All at the Touch of a Button

What’s the point of a massage chair anyways? Simply put, there’s no need for you to go to the massage therapist every time you’re feeling sore. That’s just a super long trip in traffic, fuel costs, and most importantly, time.

Does anyone nowadays have 3 hours lying about?

The sad reality is that we don’t.

Get a massage at home, everyday

You deserve to relax every day, but how can you do that when the massage therapist is in the city? The answer is simple, buy a massage chair.

What massage chair is best for me?

There are so many massage chairs to choose from, and there’s so many budget ranges available, so what’s stopping you from having a look?

To help you choose, we’ve got three suggestions targeted at each budget range!

Massage Chair Option 1: Ogawa Smart Reluxe Massage Chair

If you’re looking for the best value for money, and want something that will give you solid performance, then the Ogawa Smart Reluxe Massage Chair is for you.

OGAWA Smart Reluxe Intelligent Massage Chair

With over 30% off its original price, down to only $4800, this massage chair is a super deal! This massage chair features modes for all of life’s circumstances, so you’re one button away from relaxation!

Massage Chair Option 2: ROTAI Gemini 8900 Massage Chair

If you’re looking for a good mix between luxury and performance, then this is the massage chair for you. In comparison to the Smart Reluxe, the ROTAI Gemini has so many more features focused on comfort.

One of this chair’s best features is the reflexology massage features embedded in the foot rollers. With some of the most advanced programming to date, ROTAI’s Gemini can help you relax through reflexology, and help you decompress with the heated airbags.

ROTAI Gemini 8900 Massage Chair

Once again with another 35% off this model, you can get this massage chair for a low $8,000! Buy this chair and invest in your whole family’s health for years to come!

Massage Chair Option 3: Family Inada Therapina Pro Massage Chair

If you do not want to compromise on your health, and want the highest quality for your entire family, then this Family Inada Therapina Pro Massage Chair is for you.

Family Inada Therapina Robo Massage Chair - Made in Japan

If you want to combine the highest level of Japanese innovation with luxurious comfort, then this is the massage chair for you.

Family Inada, after being in the healthcare technology industry for over 40 years, has developed this revolutionary chair, which features some of the most delicate, user friendly massage chairs to date.

Not only can this chair analyse your body’s fatigue and report on it, but it automatically works to remove the pain and soreness from your body.

Buy from the best massage chair store

At Irelax NZ, our goal is to ensure everyone can enjoy the massage chair experience in NZ. After seeing how massage chairs have taken off in Japan and Singapore, we knew we had to bring it here.

Come to our store and see what makes us the best massage chair store in New Zealand.