Since 2014, Irelax has prioritised the health and wellbeing of Kiwis through the use of our premium built massage chairs and devices. We know that to really appreciate the deep relaxation and peace our chairs deliver, you have to try one for yourself. Which is why full access to our industry-leading chairs and experts has been so important.
The Covid-19 pandemic has made it difficult for people to experience pure bliss while shopping, and to open their eyes to the many health benefits that come from deep massage. Yet it has been this pandemic that has increased the need for at-home stress management and deep relaxation while countless kiwis feel the struggle and strain of day-to-day life.
Which is why we are going to bring the relaxation that comes from trying our premium massage chairs to the comfort of your own home.
That’s right. No more wondering if you’ll fall asleep in the shopping mall, or being called away by loved ones. Simply select your chosen chair below and trial it exclusively from your own home.

Enjoy irelax Massage Chair

Enjoy the full experience

over one week

The Irelax trial plan provides one-week time to experience the various functions of the massage chair at your home. If you feel that you need a longer trial period, we are happy to provide our Extended Trial Service. Please contact us for details.

Door to door delivery

Door to door delivery

and pickup service

We’ll package and ship your chosen chair straight to your door.

*Please note that our free delivery and pick-up only allows for delivery to a ground floor dwelling. If you need delivery to the higher floor of a building, we may charge a fee.

Worry-free Massage Chair Trial


trial guarantee

There’s no need to worry with the coverage of our Accidental Damage Insurance for this trial plan. If you accidentally damage the massage chair during the trial period, for example scratching or parts damage, the excess fee is only $300.

Free Trails of Massage Chair

Decide to buy?

the trial is free

If you are satisfied with your massage chair and want to own it, the trial fee will be deducted from the massage chair purchase cost. In other words, the weekly trial is completely free!

Ready to make it official?

We know you’ll fall in love with the sleek design and powerful relaxation provided by each of our chairs. You’ll sleep better, have more energy and finally untangle the knots you’ve been carrying. At the end of the 7 dyas, if you wish to experience unlimited relaxation by purchasing your trial chair, we will simply deduct your trial fee from the overal price. No hidden costs – just pure luxury, anything you like.

Added Peace of Mind

We know accidents happen. Our Worry-Free Trial Guarantee gives you added protection, meaning you won’t have to cover the cost of the entire chair if something is accidentally damaged. If any accidental damage does occur, such as scratches or damaged parts, the excess fee is only $300.