MYsofa + Omknee 2
Massage sofa & Foot massager

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Introducing the all-new OGAWA MYsofa massage chair, a creation designed with sophistication and elegance in mind, and equipped with a superior massage mechanism. Now with enhanced high-tech massage modes, OGAWA MYsofa can effortlessly elevate your massage experience.

MYsofa's superior mechanism delivers a wide range of massage techniques such as kneading, tapping, clapping, Swedish and shiatsu

L-track comfort from neck to calf

MYsofa features a 93.5cm-long L-massage track for extended pleasure from your neck to calves. Feel as though a personal masseuse is focusing on each area with the utmost patience and precision. Say goodbye to sore, tired muscles and hello to a relaxed and refreshed self, as you experience a selection of 4 automated massage programmes, 5 human-like massage techniques and the mechanism of a professional massage chair.

Zero gravity

The zero gravity position(126 degrees +/- 7 degrees), where your knees are elevated in parallel with your heart, is the ergonomically correct resting position. This is the undisputedly perfect position to enjoy a massage because this is when pressure on your body, especially on your spine and back, is at its minimum. Choose from two settings to enjoy two different zero gravity massage experiences.

Rocking Function

Mysofa is designed with a light rocking mode, which replicates the natural motions of a cradle to soothe and calm your body. Feel like a baby while you enjoy your massage.


The 4airbags-2 fiitted on each side of your hips-can effortlessly shape your waist and lift your hips.

Precise massages

Enjoy full control over the massage functions to your liking with specific functions such as Spot Massage and Partial Back Massage.

Oscillating function

Specialised vibrating function focuses on your calves and immediately relieves sore gastrocnemius muscles.

4 Automated Massage Programmes

This 8-minute comprehensive deep-tissue massage programme incorporates kneading, Tui Na, tapping and rocking to effectively relieve stress and ease sore muscles from neck to calf.

Relaxes your sore neck and shoulder muscles by focusing on specific pressure points.

Let the airbags lift from below, as airbags on both sides consistently apply pressure to your buttocks, delivering a comprehensive massage for your buttocks, all the while bringing you one step closer to a perfect figure.

Soothe sore lower back muscles as a result of a sedentary lifestyle, with good old fashioned knocking and kneading.

Omknee 2- World’s First Detachable Foot Massager

Creatively designed to expand beyond the traditional expectations of massage and rejuvenation, with its innovative design and detachable feature, the Omknee 2 opens up unprecedented possibilities, being the First of Its Kind to be able to operate both separately and independently. Happiness can now be shared.

Unique Design

True versatility at its finest. The Omknee 2 defies limitations to deliver relaxation and rejuvenation that can be shared with your loved ones.

Foot Massage Unit

Feet and Sole Reflexology. Massage rollers deliver deep and precise kneading in the arch of the feet for instant relief and improved blood circulation.

Versatile Massage Unit

Multipurpose Rejuvenation. The rechargeable function of the detached versatile massage unit enables you to enjoy a relaxing massage session pretty much everywhere. Rechargeability allows independent usage on upper thighs and even arms. Powerful integrated airbags use compressions to soothe away pain and muscle soreness. You can use it in the office, at your reading corner, on the bed relaxing, anywhere.



Legs Toning
Breaks down cellulite, tones muscles, reduces the risk of water retention and Varicose Vein.

Arms Toning
Soothes fatigued muscles for quick recovery.

Knee Care
Soothes joint pain and reduces the risk of osteoarthritis.

Shin Care
Heals strained muscles around the shin area.

Feet Care
Deep precision kneading provides instant relief of tightness in the arches of the feet.

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