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iSpace Massage Chair
Inspired by NASA Tech

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A cosmic massage experience

Imagine a space-age massage chair, inspired by NASA and featuring technology designed to give you a sense of weightlessness and total comfort.
Imagine no more. Introducing the iSpace massage chair.
This futuristic machine utilizes the latest technology to give your mind and body total relaxation through its “space capsule” ergonomic design, enabling the sensation of zero gravity and gentle floating.

Zero gravity design

Inspired by NASA technology, iSpace responds to your body by evenly distributing your weight and adjusting the angle of recline for maximum intensity and comfort. It allows you the feeling of weightlessness, which heightens the massage experience for ultimate relaxation.

The zero gravity functionality includes two reclining angles, placing the torso and legs at 135 degrees or 118 degrees. Both positions rest the legs above the heart, enabling the release of tension and supporting the heart by aiding blood flow from your lower half.

SL-track design for total spinal support and better reach

Based on the latest ergonomic technology, iSpace utilizes the SL-track roller shape. This allows the massage chair to move both laterally and vertically from the head all the way down to the lower back, buttocks and thighs, providing an extended massage length of 135cm. The S-track rollers move up and down the spine (the S-track is named after the sinusoidal shape of the human spine), while the L-track allows better reach to the thighs, buttocks and hamstrings. Together they provide a total massage experience.

Superior materials

iSpace uses only high-quality, fibre reinforced faux-leather - a material favoured by the world’s most acclaimed leather traders. Very similar to natural leather, this environmentally-friendly choice provides outstanding durability and breathability, meaning your iSpace is guaranteed to last the distance no matter how heavy usage is.

Replenishing negative oxygen ion generator

The iSpace features a generator producing negative ions (oxygen atoms with negatively charged electrons). Negative ions are found throughout nature - most abundantly in the ocean and natural bodies of water. They are thought to have properties which promote vitality, battle fatigue and aid in the body’s cell replenishment.

Automatic Memory Mode and Quick-Start Functionality

Despite its space-age technology, iSpace is simple to use. It features a personalised memory function to store your favourite settings, with a one-click start option.

Latest sound technology

  • Access all your favourite music and audio choices by connecting your device through Bluetooth. A USB port is also available on the armrest.
  • Sound is pumped through surround-sound speakers, allowing you to be enveloped in the zen of music and massage.

Care for your extremities

Featuring 28 airbags, iSpace delivers pressurised massage to the shoulders, arms, legs and feet. There are three pressure settings, allowing you to tailor your massage to suit your mood.

Carbon-fibre heated massage

Reaching temperatures of 40-50°C, the carbon-fibre back heating is designed to be consistent with the thermal wavelengths emitted by the human body. This temperature assists with relieving back pain and improving overall metabolism.


  • Choose between the wide, medium and narrow settings to adjust the S-track manipulation range (between 6–21cm) and allow for the targeting of different muscles.
  • Detachable hip/ seat cushion for extra comfort and support.
  • The length of the leg massage can be extended by an additional 25cm if your height requires it.
  • The flexible head cushion can be adjusted according to your height and personal preference.

Specialised foot massage

Enjoy a multi-faceted foot massage, incorporating popular techniques such as scraping and kneading, for therapeutic benefit and total relaxation.

  • A raised, textured surface offers a specialised “scrapping” massage, targeting the Yongquan reflexology acupoint on the sole of the foot.
  • Airbags fully envelop the feet offering adjustable, pressurised massage.
  • Leg airbags compress and tighten the muscles, aiding in relaxation and relieving general soreness and fatigue.

Zero space design

iSpace employs the best in engineering design, allowing for full recline when only 5cm from a wall. Enable this feature with the simple touch of a button and feel the sliding technology work its magic as you float into full recline. The armrests will gently and automatically adjust according to the positioning of the backrest.

Traditional massage chairs need at least 22cm distance from any wall – introducing dead space into your home.

A beautiful addition to any modern home

iSpace’s streamlined, capsule-like appearance is perfect for stylish family living. Its simplicity and smooth lines are in keeping with the latest interior trends and would make a stunning addition to any living space.

Customise your massage by choosing from eight modes

If you only have 20 minutes to spare, this feature enables you to choose from eight customised massage programmes at the touch of a button. The programmes include:

  • FAST

Product Parameters

Massage style
Kneading, shiatsu, tapping, tui na, clapping
Body manipulation
Neck, shoulders, back, waist, hips, legs and feet
Heating and massage intensity
28 airbags
Chair Upright
Chair Reclined
179×80×92cm (length×width×height)
Gross weight: 115kg; Net weight: 100kg
Rated power
For a user more massive than 100 kilograms, the product may
have more prominent noise and its fabric housing may be worn quicker
24 Months

Customer Reviews

5 / 5


1 year ago

Nice product

We always wanted to own a massage chair, but never dare spending that much money at once for that... then it happened that there was this deal yesterday at iRelax website of 36 months 0% interest, so we jumped on the opportunity. We are looking forward in

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