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Three functions in one Massage Sofa

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Experience the magic touch of iSofa

Are you looking for a stunning piece of furniture to complete your home? A sofa that offers both comfort and support, and then, after a long stressful day, is able to deliver a luxurious massage to ease you into relaxation?

Look no further than iSofa.

iSofa has been ingeniously designed to convert from a comfortable single sofa into a small, ergonomically-advanced massage chair.

Enjoy lounging on iSofa during your down-time while listening to music, reading or watching a movie. Then simply activate the massage function to take your relaxation up a notch, allowing iSofa to manipulate your entire body while you lose yourself in therapeutic bliss.

Three functions in one chair – style, comfort and therapy

iSofa can be converted to an advanced massage chair simply by extending the leg rest. Like magic, this maneuver allows the delivery of a full body massage through airbag pressure, relaxing your muscles and helping to improve tone and shape.

When you have finished enjoying your massage, simply apply pressure to the leg rest, converting iSofa back to a highly comfortable and conventional chair.

The calf rest is designed to be hidden when not in use, allowing you to save valuable space in your home.

A lightweight and compact addition to your home

iSofa’s lightweight body shape is suitable for most rooms, including the bedroom, study, office and other living spaces. Its compact design makes it suitable for even the smallest of spaces.

Flexible rollers under the chair make it simple to move, meaning you can relocate your iSofa to wherever you desire with ease.

SL-track technology manipulates the entire body

The SL-track allows for the most comprehensive massage, following the “S” shape of the spine, as well as extending 88cm from the shoulders to the thighs. This gives both relaxing spinal manipulation and relief for tense muscles.


The reclining position is similar to that used by NASA astronauts while entering orbit, designed for maximum comfort and ergonomic support.

Release tension and fatigue in your lower body

Six airbags encompass the legs, completely wrapping the calf muscles; choose between three sensitivity settings with varying air pressure.

The design targets the zusanli reflexology point, just below the knee. This is a major energy centre and manipulation is believed to have multiple health benefits.

Use the interactive functionality to alter the massage pressure, utilising both compression and pause to enhance your physical and mental relaxation.

Three massage modes for speed and simplicity

Whole body massage

Designed to feel similar to a massage delivered via the hands of a professional, your entire body from neck to calf will be cared for.

Upper body massage

Using heat to intensify the massage, your neck and shoulders will be manipulated with a focus on the fengchi reflexology point at the base of the skull and the jianjing point between the shoulders.

Lower body massage

Designed to ease calf muscle pain and stiffness, this mode concentrates on offering relief to common aches and fatigue caused by over-use.

Enjoy variety – have fun choosing between three techniques depending on your mood

Drum tapping

A motion that targets a substantial area, this manipulation fights fatigue while relaxing both the muscles and bones.

Active kneading

An intense kneading motion, this is designed to be similar to the human touch and is aimed at providing comfort while releasing muscle tension.

Synchronized kneading and knocking

Kneading and knocking are combined to stimulate muscles and the yin and yang meridians (aiding qi, or energy, flow). This relaxes and alleviates fatigue after exercise.

Multifunctional leisure settings for relaxation and entertainment

A controller is stylishly embedded on the armrest, making the iSofa easy to operate for immediate relaxation.

An armrest cupholder allows you to sip tea or coffee during your massage.

Discrete storage allows you to place your mobile phone, books etc within easy reaching distance.

A USB interface allows you to operate a device while relaxing, so you can integrate work and leisure.

Bluetooth connects to 3D audio speakers, allowing you to relax to your favourite music while experiencing the bliss of massage.

Product Parameters

Massage techniques
Kneading, knocking and tapping
SL-type, long track
Body manipulation
Neck, back, waist, and calf
Net weight: 53.5kg; Gross weight: 61.5kg
Rated voltage
220 -240V~
Rated power
For a user more massive than 100 kilograms, the product may
have more prominent noise and its fabric housing may be worn quicker
Available Colours
Black and White; Grey and white
Package size
138×74.5×82cm (length×width×height)
Product size
104cm*81cm*99.5cm (length×width×height)
24 Months

Customer Reviews

4.25 / 5

Sounisa R

2 years ago


A great massage chair, cost-effective. Massage chair with a variety of functions, to meet my needs. The most important thing is that it is easy to carry. It can be carried up to the second floor, and there are wheels behind it.

Hao M

1 year ago

Nice product

It relieves my back pain and now I use it every night. It makes me relax and go to sleep.

Milad L

1 year ago


I bought it for my parents but they dont like it very much, even it works well.

Craig Y

1 year ago

recommend it!

Good massage chair, no need to go to massage clinic any more.

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