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Humanized touch Massage Chair

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All the benefits of a personal masseuse at home

Have you ever dreamed of having a personal masseuse at home, ready at any time to transform your wellbeing with the comfort and relief of tui na (traditional Chinese therapeutic massage)? iComfort can make your dream a reality.


Using the latest massage technology, iComfort has been designed to replicate the techniques of a professional masseuse, delivering an intelligent massage that simulates human touch.


From head to foot, your entire body will be encapsulated by iComfort and manipulated with expert touch that feels like you are under the care of a master masseuse.

As your tired and aching muscles are eased into relaxation, your mind will follow, bringing you total stress relief and rejuvenation.

Simulated human touch

Master masseuse techniques have been studied and replicated in iComfort’s smart technology, ensuring you can close your eyes and feel like you really are in a professional’s capable hands.

iComfort delivers outstanding massage therapy using five distinct techniques, normally perfected over many years by massage professionals: 

  • Tapping

Focused on relieving muscle tension, particularly in the lower back

  • Deep Clapping

Simulating a masseuse's palm to create a soothing therapeutic rhythm

  • Strong Shiatsu

Intense pressure to ease muscle stiffness and stimulate the skin to combat body fatigue

  • Kneading/ Tapping

A combination approach to maximise therapeutic benefit and comfort

  • Gentle Kneading

Soothing and multi-directional

Smart Technology

The iComfort massage chair analyses your body to customise each massage experience. The smart technology collects body data, including the unique curvature of your spine, to ensure every massage is bespoke – just as it would be in the hands of a professional masseuse. During the massage, pressure and direction will be adjusted to deliver your body maximum benefit and comfort.

Leg and foot care

  • Deriving from the Thai gua sha tradition, iComfort offers an innovative bump and roller muscle scraping technique for the sole of the foot. This provides deep stimulation to improve blood flow, with varied strength settings for your comfort.
  • A high-quality 50-100CC magnet is built into the foot support of iComfort to help achieve balance in the body’s natural magnetic field.
  • Airbags fully encapsulate the legs and feet to massage your lower extremities using inflatable pressure. Pulsing air pressure relaxes the muscles, easing away leg and foot pain.
  • iComfort stretches out your calf muscles according to your height, up to 20cm, ensuring deep relaxion while you benefit from your chosen massage.

24 Airbags

Airbags are used to simulate human touch, manipulating the body as a master masseuse would, across the neck, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae.

  • The 24 airbags also cover the shoulders, arms, legs and feet, using smart technology to gently adjust to the therapeutic pressure best suited to your body. This is comfort designed just for you.

You can choose from three air pressure levels, varying the intensity according to your mood.

Bespoke massage programmes

Multiple users can create their own unique massage experience. There are six built-in programmes for you to choose from, delivering a customised massage, with maximum therapeutic benefit, in just 20 minutes. 

  • Comfort Mode

Ideal for older users, this mode delivers a gentle pressure massage across the entire body, stimulating the muscles and skin to provide comfort and relief from aches and pains.

  • Relaxation Mode

Well suited to an active family, use this mode in the morning to energise your body and mind, or in the evening to relax and unwind after a busy day. This mode pinpoints and manipulates the muscles most needing attention, while delivering a full body massage.

  • Energy Mode

Enjoy this massage, which focuses particularly on the upper back and thoracic vertebrae. An incredible experience, the massage is designed to make you feel like you are gently supported in a cradle, rocking you into a state of deep relaxation.

  • Waist / Hips / Buttocks

If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, or are required to stand for long periods, this mode is ideal for you. Stimulating the skin and muscles through a technique similar to the Thai gua sha tradition, this mode will reduce muscle pain and stiffness, stretch and relax your body and relieve fatigue.

  • Neck and Shoulders

Ideal for desk workers, this mode concentrates on the cervical vertebrae of the neck and outward to the shoulders. Feel your tension ease away.

  • Full Body

When tension is present throughout your body, this all-encompassing massage will work wonders for fatigue and general aches and pains. A must for when you’ve been overexerting yourself both mentally and physically.

S+L curved guide rail, 113cm long rail massage

  • Based on best-practice ergonomic design, iComfort utilises extended “S” and “L” curve rail technology. The S-track allows rollers to follow the curvature of the spine, moving from the neck (cervical vertebrae), mid-back (thoracic vertebrae), lower back (lumbar vertebrae) and tailbone (sacral vertebrae). The L-track extends beyond this to the seat and top of the hamstrings.
  • Together the S and L-tracks provide massage area capability of 113cm (length), and 6–21cm (width), with three levels of adjustment. This gives scope for the smart technology to provide an all-encompassing massage to relieve tension and fully relax the spine.


Heat functionality

Built-in carbon fibre heating reaches temperatures of up to 50°C. Used in conjunction with iComfort’s outstanding massage capabilities, the heating function allows energy to be absorbed by the body, activating cells and promoting healthy metabolism.

"Zero gravity"Design

The positioning and elevation functions (up to 118 degrees for the torso and legs) of the iComfort chair are designed to simulate the position astronauts are placed in during lift off. This is scientifically shown to relieve stress on the body, allowing for a deeper, more intense massage experience.


LED display controller and Bluetooth speakers

Enjoy relaxing music through the Bluetooth speaker system and control your massage experience via the LED display, enabling you to choose easily between slow, medium and strong massage speeds to best suit your mood.

Space saving design

iComfort features innovative design that saves precious space in your home while you are in full recline, meaning your chair only need be positioned 28cm away from the wall.


Aesthetic appeal

Made from ultra-fine reinforced PU leather, iComfort is environmentally friendly as well as breathable, flexible and rub-resistant. A beautiful addition to any home.

Product Parameters

SL-type rail guide
24 airbags
Full body, including the neck, shoulders, back, waist, hips
Techniques including kneading, shiatsu, tui na, tapping
Rated power
Chair Reclined
147×75×71cm (length×width×height)
Chair Upright
127×75×120cm (length×width×height)
Gross weight: 97kg; Net weight: 85kg
Maximum back capacit
For a user more massive than 100 kilograms, the product may
have more prominent noise and its fabric housing may be worn quicker.
24 Months

Customer Reviews

5 / 5

Xia Liu

2 years ago

recommend it!

My friend recommended it to me, so I bought it for my mom as a birthday gift! My mom really love this chair, she uses it every day.

Douglas M

1 year ago

good product! High recommended !

it is a really nice massage chair. I considered many massage chairs and finally chose this one. It relieves my back pain. Love it!

Mohammed Z

1 year ago

Enjoy it!

I have used for a few days. so nice. It relieves my shoulder pain. Connect bluetooth and play some music, this is life!!!

Jason Z

1 year ago

Nice product

This massage chair is absolutely cost-effective. The quality is good, so satisfied.


3 weeks ago

Execellent sales persons

Mohit & Damon, these guys are great, very friendly and great services

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