Recliner Massage Chairs in 2022? You’re Missing Out

woman reclining in recliner massage chair in shop

Are you looking to buy a new recliner but not sure where to start? It might help to know that recliner massage chairs are also a thing!Naturally, you want to find the best recliner for you, so why not have one that can massage you at the same time? Luckily for you, we’ve got some here at Irelax!

What’s a recliner massage chair?

Essentially, it’s a recliner that can give you a massage at the same time, how cool!

To make it more clear, a recliner massage chair is…

  1. A chair that can massage you
  2. A chair that can lean back
  3. A chair that resembles a normal recliner

So there you have it! Sometimes, they are called massage sofas for short, as we do here. Nonetheless, this helps you understand that they are similar to a recliner, more than a massage chair that you might see in the airport.

Is a recliner massage chair worth it?

I mean, does a massage everyday sound worth it to you?

In all seriousness, there is an added cost to having a recliner massage chair, but in my (definitely biased) opinion, it’s worth it.

Imagine having a massage everytime you come home from work, and watch your favourite TV show. Imagine having your feet massaged everytime you sit down, all at the push of a button, every day.

That sounds really nice, doesn’t it?

Wait, did you just say foot massages with recliner massage chairs?

Yes! At Irelax, we have recliner massage chairs that can massage your feet and your back at the same time! It’s like having two masseuses at home, while you watch TV. How convenient is that!

The Genix massage sofa, made by the world leaders in massage chair technology OGAWA, not only features airbag massages, but also has built in reflexology foot massagers.

Where can I buy a recliner massage chair?

Look at you, you’ve made it to the end of this post! Thanks for checking it out!

Now if you’ll allow me, can I interest you in our wide range of recliner massage chairs and other massage chairs? If you’re keen, then click here to see our whole range of recliner massage chairs available just for you!