Massage Sofa


Combine our famous NZ massage cushion and the best foot massager, and what do you get? A purely relaxing, compact, Serene DIY massage chair alternative.


Turn any chair into a massage chair! Combine the Estilo Body massager with the O.M.G. foot massager.

Approx. $112.4/week on 8 weeks interest-free.


The Vita Massage Chair is a luxurious chair that will make you feel like you're being pampered at the spa.


The Genix Massage Sofa features a powerful, small and portable size, delivering a royal relaxation performance!

Approx. $20.52 / week on 36 months interest-free.

Massage Sofa

MYsofa Luxe


Experience premium comfort in your own home! Our compact and versatile MYsofa Luxe effortlessly accommodates various body types.

Approx.$25.64 / week on 36 months interest free.