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Irelax Albany
Based on 67 reviews
I found this massage chair store on Google Maps and came over when I saw a lot of high praise. There are two clerks in the store, both of whom are very enthusiastic. I just want to experience it. They explained to me the function and price of the massage chair. I tried the chair in the budget. It felt good. I planned to come back at the right time.
A perfect experience with the modern OGAWa master driver. With the help of AI, I got my whole body tested and a therapy especially for myself came out. I was nearly falling asleep during the massage process. The service from Shao is perfect as well. Really recommended!
The massage chair's versatile settings are impressive. I can customize my massages to suit my specific needs, ensuring that each session is unique. Thanks to Mike for guiding me through the features.
As someone who spends long hours at a desk, this massage chair is a lifesaver. It excels in alleviating back and neck tension, and I highly recommend it, thanks to Mike's excellent service.
As someone who spends long hours at a desk, this massage chair is a lifesaver. It excels in alleviating back and neck tension, and I highly recommend it
No more trips to the massage parlor; this massage chair delivers a fantastic massage experience, relieving my muscle tension after long hours of work!
This message machine is very comfortable and the service is very nice.
It was an enjoyable journey in irelax. Thanks to Echo for carefully introducing the functions of the massage chair to me, which relieved my lower back pain. It was a very worthwhile day!
Amazing products!
Today, I experienced the latest and most expensive massage chair in the store. The service in the store is very professional and enthusiastic. The chair massage is in place, which relaxes my trapezius muscle.
Thank you Echo,I got a very nice experience!
I can't express enough how wonderfully comfortable this massage chair is! From the moment I sank into it, I knew I made the right choice. And to top it off, Mike's service was simply exceptional. He guided me through the features, patiently answered all my questions, and ensured the entire experience was seamless. It's rare to find both an amazing product and outstanding customer service, but this place has it all!
It was an great experience visiting here, so good for the days whenever I feel tired. I would appreciate Anthony for the best services.
Thanks for Anthony outstanding service, we finally made our mind to get this dream massage chair. 😊 Looking forward her to be delivered.
Anthony recommended this chair and it was so relaxing and made my day. Truly appreciate his advice and thank him for his very good service.
My cousin recommended this massager and I'm excited to start using it for my lower back pain. Anthony the sales rep was friendly.
Anthony was super friendly and helpful. Clean shop and awesome product testing
Irelax is very relaxing Echo was very helpful, I'm feeling alot better and more energised after the experience. I would recommend to anyone 🙂
This massage chair has become a haven of comfort in my home. Its luxurious features and soothing massages are a game-changer. I must commend Mike for his exceptional service. He took the time to understand my preferences and recommended the perfect chair. Mike's commitment to ensuring I had the best experience possible was truly impressive. I'm beyond satisfied with my purchase and the service provided.
Seeing this highly technological product today, it feels like entering the future world, and the feeling of massage is also very special.
Today I came to irelax massage chair store for consultation, and Anthony recommended many finance plans to me. There is no interest or deposit, which makes my pressure much less. Getting a massage chair is not a dream!
Great stimulating soothing massage and felt re-postured after, foot rollers intense deep pleasure over back and shoulders. Good recovery after a late night out
Such a wide range of amazing products. Was allowed to try their massage chair and was such a great massage. Staff were super friendly and would definitely recommend
Amazing range of massage chairs. Was able to try and was just the same as how a therapist would give a massage. Staff was super friendly and store was very well presented
Mike provided us with excellent service, the chair we got was very comfortable.
Thank you so much Anthony for highly recommending the massage chairs and your friendly service. They are amazing. They are extremely comfortable and I felt completely relaxed afterwards. Now I will come twice a week .
I can't thank Anthony enough for his patience and expertise in helping me choose the perfect massage chair. He's a true asset to iRelax.
Anthony deserves high praise for his extensive product knowledge and dedication to ensuring customers find the ideal massage chair. Truly exceptional assistance!
Anthony at iRelax Albany made my massage chair shopping experience incredibly smooth and informative. His knowledge and guidance were impressive.
I bought the IRLAX massage chair from Anthony, and I always come to Anthony if there is anything I don't know how to use. He always patiently answers, no matter how long it takes. A great experience.
I tried master drive ai today, really patient service. Anthony is a great sales and everything is helpful.
I went to iRelax today to pick out a birthday gift for my mother. Anthony offered genuine advice, which really showed his sincerity. I truly appreciated his service and enjoyed the experience.
I am very grateful for Anthony’s introduction and help. I didn’t know massage chair before but now i am full of interest.
Anthony put me in this chair and improved my day! Thank you. The experience was invigorating and relaxing. At times I did feel there were too many things happening all at once, rhis was in the Sensei mode.
After walking Albany mall I came across Anthony at Irelax. Perfect way to relax when all your friends want to shop. A+ service from Anthony too 👍
I went to the store to inquire about the massage chair today, and Anthony provided very detailed explanations and assistance. He carefully taught me how to use finace. A very good experience!
Anthony's professionalism and thorough explanations made my visit to iRelax Albany worthwhile. I appreciate the personalized service and expert guidance in selecting my massage chair.
I had a fantastic consultation with Anthony at iRelax Albany. He took the time to understand my needs and provided invaluable insights. Highly recommend his expertise!
The sales Anthony was nice to us, we use the chair few months. However, the chair sometimes had an issue to connect with WiFi.
A very pleasant shopping experience, Anthony was very conscientious and well presented. Careful teaching on how to use it when I didn't know how to use it. Really great sale.
Very good experience with Anthony here.Really good person with really good explanation.
I will recommend the Chinese boy Anthony to everyone who wants to buy the massage chair. Before I went to there two times, even I just try it at that time, he is really patient to me and he has massive knowledge about his job. I must say that Guy Anthony is the man, came to him and you will not regret.
After having tried all the different models we went for the master AI. Awesome product and Anthony did a great service. Would recommend irelax to all my friends.
Great experience with Anthony at the Albany branch. Purchased our first massage chair and hope to be very relaxed once we get it!
Anthony was really helpful. He helped us decide on which chair to go for. I am happy.
5 star service experience from Anthony. Highly recommend him for everyone. The chair is so good that I fall asleep every time I use it.
Perfect service and product! The sales, Anthony was so helpful and introduced the products in detail.
Been trying a few brand of massage chairs 💺 like osim, good massage and jitsu but ended up buying I relax. Mike and Jimmy are very good and knowledgeable about the product and service. With good service we ended up buying on the spot.Thanks guy and will tell friends and family where we got our chair from. ALBANY SHOPPING MALL.Great 👍 👌 job guysThanks
Very helpful, looking forward to getting my new chair home
感谢irelax albany 的团队.特别是安东尼。他非常耐心的介绍并几次让我试了我喜欢的两种椅子。尽心尽力地帮我选择了最适合我的一款。真诚贴心的服务 买到优秀质量的椅子 我很开心。
Purchased a massage chair from Mike at Irelax Albany. Excellent experience, top notch service....would highly recommend Mike and the team if you are looking to buy a massage chair. Buy quality, get quality service 👍💯
Been looking around for a massage chair and finally decided to purchase one from the Albany iRelax store. Sales person(Yuki) was friendly with great customer service. Highly Recommend iRelax for anyone looking for a massage chair
I purchased a chair from Yuki at Irelax Albany nearly 2 years ago. Best service ever. The chair works like a dream and the grown kids enjoy it when they visit. I just purchased a cover from this store and the service is even better. I can recommend this business, the salesperson and the products with a clear conscience.
Good service good product.
The staff was really kind and good service also. I really enjoy the massage:)
Great service with very professional advice. Good products and pricing as well.
Good product and good experience in the store. The sales provides good introduction.
Such friendly, helpful staff. The massage chairs are incredible....just wow 😁
lovely staff there! thanks for Helen's help!!
This has become a favorite spot for me to rest & recharge when I need to unwind from my busy schedule. Great choice of massage chairs with soft and hard massage techniques that can be rented in 15 minute time slots. Chairs & accessories also available for sale. The staff are super friendly. I love this place!
Very good service! Great staff!! Happy experience! Thanks a lot.
Choosing a gift for friend and this is a nice place. So many wonderful massagers and I almost tryed every single thing today. Staffs are so kind!
Irelax Newmarket
Based on 17 reviews
There are different types of massage products to choose from, very good massage supermarket!
Excellent purchasing experience and excellent customer service
Anthony‘s expertise and friendly service made my massage chair shopping a delight. Top-notch recommendation!The Ai massage chair tested my muscles and now I know I really need a massage to improve!
Thumbs up for Anthony! His expertise and friendly assistance made my massage chair shopping a joy. Highly satisfied with the service!
Great experience today! Anthony showed me the master drive plus I was interested in and he explained the features and benefits of the chair in a humorous but professional way. Great asset to the team!
Have a good experience with Anthony, make a better lifetime when you get a chair.
I brought Master drive. Working really well and I used it every day. Super comfy, super easy to use and really really reliable. I felt so nice after I got massaged that my back pain had even gone away. I really recommend checking Irelax in Newmarket out.
The Asian girl that's working today is very rude 😒 told me I have to pay to try the machines out and it's their policy never been told by any one else 😑 I think she just hates her job not happy and hope she gets talked to to respect the customer 🙂
"I recently had the opportunity to test a product from this brand and I was impressed with the quality of the product. The deep massage feature was particularly effective and provided great relief. It's also great to see that the brand offers a 3-year warranty on their products. I would recommend checking out this brand for anyone looking for high-quality products that provide effective resultsMaria chueva Auckland
Sales person Kate and also the store manager they both offered my family a very good customer service and we finally made the decision to bought one of the latest OGAWA massage chair based on their good customer service and also long with the good product ( We had the OGAWA chair at home for one week now and it still has our 100% satisfaction). So we highly recommend this store.
Good experience buying from iRelax. Mabel was very helpful and delivery went as scheduled and planned.
Excellent experience, really good services, Mabel helping us chose the right massage chair.
I am very happy with my experience. The staff were incredibly kind and helpful. Very exceptional service. The staff allowed me to use every chair that i liked without judgement, they were not pushy sales people and did not put any pressure on me. The prices are also reasonable and i highly recommend this shop to anyone who is looking to buy massage chairs.
Thanks for good service and nice help. It’s really good machine for massaging. Thanks all.
Cool place. Great experience and real friendly service.
Thank you so much for the help and customer service I love my new product.

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Massage Chair Testimonials

See Why So Many NZ’s Think We’ve Got the Best Massage Chairs

Shannon – Former Athlete / Mother

See how the OGAWA Master Drive Plus helped Shannon improve her wellbeing. Having a massage chair is something that many people consider, but with such a high price tag, it’s important to find the best massage chair for your needs. With us at Irelax, Shannon was able to find the perfect massage chair for her. Through our exclusive OGAWA massage chair range, Shannon now experiences the relaxation of a real person giving you a massage at home, without all the hassle of dealing with a masseuse.


Alicia – Manager / Mother

Being a mother can bring about a lot more stress, tension and pain than expected. That’s why our OGAWA Master Drive AI massage chair made such a good match for Alicia! Having the power of an AI masseuse inside your massage chair helps make such a difference! When our OGAWA massage chair knows exactly what you need, it will give you a truly unique, intelligent massage every time. With our massage chair expertise, we were able to help Alicia get rid of many of the back and shoulder pain problems she faces!


Andrew – Teacher / Husband

Many people need to go to the physio or a chiropractor to help get rid of their neck pain. So when Andrew came into our store and found the Smart Reluxe, we was sure to fall in love. With one of our OGAWA massage chairs, it’s easy for someone like Andrew to just relax, and not have to see the physio anymore! The OGAWA Smart Reluxe is one of the best massage chairs for your neck, and is one of the best bargains you’ll get on any massage chair in New Zealand.


Thomas – Senior Civil Engineer

People like Thomas, who have very physical jobs, tend to suffer the most from back and body pain. When you’re as busy as Thomas is, it’s hard to make the time to go and visit a massage therapist, or a masseuse. That’s why the OGAWA Smart Reluxe helped Thomas feeling better instantly! With so many massage modes in the OGAWA Smart Reluxe, as well as it’s simple to use manual massage mode, the Smart Reluxe is one of the best massage chairs within theOGAWA massage chair range.


Helena – Entrepreneur / Mother

Being an entrepreneur is tough, being a mother on top of being an entrepreneur is even tougher! That’s why Helena makes the most of the Master Drive AI massage chair, OGAWA’s best massage chair to date. With a super quick way to relax, Helena not only saves time, but money as well! When she uses the OGAWA massage chair, she is able to control her massage the way she needs it without needing to have to make an appointment with a masseuse, or even leave the home!


Angela – Commercial Baker

When you work in catering, you’re going to be extensively busy, working with your hands to ensure perfection, and lifting many items back and forth. For someone like Angela, the Master Drive Plus works best to help ease her pain in the lower back. With so many ways to customise the OGAWA massage chair, Angela can give herself a massage in specific areas whenever she needs it. With so many different styles as massage such as a swedish massage style, and a thai massage mode, it’s all you’d need in a massage chair.