How Ogawa Changed the Massage Chair Industry

In recent years, Ogawa has been known for creating some of the most advanced healthcare technology products, most notably through their massage chairs. With the rise of Internet of Things technology (IoT), and the 4th industrial revolution, Ogawa has found itself being the first adopter of A.I and IoT technology in the massage chair space.

If you want to know what’s so good about Ogawa and their massage chairs, then you’ve found yourself in the right place.

The introduction of A.I in massage chairs

From the geniuses behind other healthcare brands such as Fuji, the team at Ogawa have found that adaptive massages perform better than preset massage functions, which is the standard for other massage chairs.

However, what good is a massage chair that doesn’t tailor the experience based on your needs?

That’s exactly what the team at Ogawa thought when making the Ogawa Master Drive A.I 4D Massage Chair.

By placing more sensors and a highly advanced computing system inside the massage chair, it can now calibrate, and calculate the perfect massage experience for its end user.

The world’s largest massage chair brand

You can find Ogawa offices in over 24 countries!

You read that right!

Ogawa has found itself expanding around the world at an alarming rate! When you consider that they’ve only been around since 1996, the feats Ogawa have achieved are certainly impressive.

Their influence has seen them not only dominate the Asian market, but grow internationally at the rate of one new country each year!

Why you should buy an Ogawa massage chair

When you’re investing in your own health, why would you settle for less? You deserve to get the best healthcare and enjoy the most relaxation.

So why would you consider anything other than the advanced massage chair technology from Ogawa?

Ranging from their intensive sensor system, muscle and acupoint detectors, and A.I implemented models, there’s so much to experience and enjoy for a lifetime.

When you buy from Ogawa, you buy 26 years of accumulated massage technology expertise from a global award winning brand in the massage product industry.

Where can I buy an Ogawa massage chair?

We are New Zealand’s exclusive distributor of Ogawa massage chairs. At Irelax, we have their best models available for you to try and buy. Come and see our wide range of top quality massage chairs.