How Much Is a Massage Chair and Why Are They So Expensive?

As soon as you look at the price on a massage chair, there’s no doubt that you’ll think

“Wow, that’s expensive”

You’re definitely right, massage chairs can be very expensive, so why would you want to buy one still?

After adding up the usage over time, you’ll come to find that massage chairs aren’t as expensive as you think!

How much is a massage chair?

That’s a good question!

Some massage chairs, such as the recliner massage chairs or the massage sofa’s we have can start out as low as $2000. With this, you can enjoy a cozy back massage everyday from the comfort of your own home!

Now, how much does $2000 over 2 years cover on a cost basis?

When you do the math, you’ll only be paying $19.24 per week, every week for the minimum of 2 years (which is the warranty we provide).

Some of our massage chairs can go up to $19,900, which has top end massage chair technology. With our 3 year warranty for our massage chairs, you’ll only be paying $127.57 per week, every week! That’s almost the same price for a one-off massage!

When you buy a massage chair, you can get massages on demand, from the convenience of your own home for the same price as one massage a week. You can get 7 massages in the comfort of your own home for the price of one!

Why are massage chairs so expensive?

For the massage chairs at Irelax, we sell some of the highest quality brands such as Ogawa and Family Inada, which use top end Japanese technology to create the best relaxation experience possible.

These massage chairs include up to 24 sensors and detectors used to read your body’s vitals, identify where your acupuncture points are, and massage them in a rhythmic manner. To achieve this, there needs to be a strong microprocessor chip which continually communicates the data back and forth.

To put it short, there’s so much technology that goes on behind the frame to make sure each massage you get is one that is customised to the shape of your body.  

Is a massage chair worth the money?

If you’re getting a customised massage, on demand at your convenience anyday for the price of one massage each week, then we’d think it’s worth it.

However at Irelax, we can make the payment methods so much easier. Did we mention that we have these interest-free financing options available?:

  • Afterpay
  • Humm
  • QCard
  • Gem
  • Latitude
  • Zip Pay
  • Genoa

With so many ways to pay for your products, it’s easy to buy now, and pay later!

Where can I get a massage chair from?

Irelax NZ of course! You’re already in the best place to buy a massage chair, but we even can give you a demo in our stores! We’ve got our flagship store in Northcote, Auckland where you can try out our vast range of massage chairs, thanks to our partner Good Massage.