Feeling Fatigued? Here’s How a Massage Chair Might Help You Recover!

Feeling Fatigued? Here’s How a Massage Chair Might Help You Recover!

I think many of us feel very fatigued, especially after a long day at work, or looking after the kids. But at the same time, it’s important to take care of yourself, even if you’re busy!

Before any of that, you need to understand why you’re feeling fatigued, and how you can turn that around!

The 4 main reasons we think you might be feeling fatigued include:
1. Not enough sleep
2. Your body isn’t recovering properly
3. Too much stress
4. Poor diet

But first, let’s break down the main question…

What is fatigue?

Fatigue is known as the feeling of lacking energy. It’s important to know that this is different from feeling sleepy. It’s like filling a car up on fuel, but only covering half the mileage you’re used to.

Despite sleeping the same number of hours, or eating the same amount of food, yet still feeling tired, is how fatigue feels like.

This article from Healthline breaks down some of the causes of fatigue, and why you might be feeling this way. However, to keep things simple, fatigue can be caused from general lifestyle habits, your current mental health, or some other physical ailments.

If you think you’re feeling fatigued, and unsure why, then here’s some reasons you might want to consider.

Getting enough sleep is essential for reducing fatigue:

While this sounds extremely obvious, it’s easy for people to forget they need to fulfill their sleep requirements. We need around 8 hours of sleep every day to help our body recover, gain the energy it needs, and feel better in general.

A lot of us struggle with insomnia, anxiety, and other sleeping issues which can ruin our ability to enjoy a good night’s rest. It also means that we can’t get enough energy for the next day, and we continually get more fatigued.

In a lot of circumstances, sleep is based on how well you’re able to relax, and how calm your mind can be. Many of us can’t go to sleep if we’re surrounded by noise, stress, or pains which bother us.

How can a massage chair help me sleep better?

Because massage chairs are embedded with the technology to target acupoints, and help increase blood circulation in the body, it makes it easier for your body to relax. Your body can help itself recover faster, your muscles will loosen, and you will feel more relaxed.

Add all these together, and you will find yourself feeling less fatigued, especially after you to go sleep. When you wake up in the morning, you’ll be sure to feel much better, and have the best recovery!

Poor muscle recovery can also lead to feeling fatigued:

If you’re sleeping alright, but still feel like you’re fatigued, or even sore, then there might be an issue in the way your muscles are recovering. Some of this could be influenced by poor diets, or you may be deficient in some nutrients. However, one large factor is the way your muscles absorb these nutrients!

Nutrients, oxygen, and so many other important blood cells are carried through, you guessed it, your blood. It’s important to have proper blood circulation through your body. Otherwise, your muscles might not be getting enough nutrients and oxygen, even if you are getting enough!

How a Massage Chair can help you recover quicker

At Irelax, we have massage chairs which specialize in increasing bloodflow, especially with the help of a shiatsu massage systems in place. One example is our Ogawa Master Drive Plus 4D Massage Chair, which makes the most of head to toe circulations massage system.

With this, you can have massages done at your feet, back and hip all at the same time to stimulate blood flow. This will help your muscles not only loosen up, but get the nutrients they need.

Stress plays a huge role on your body

When we’re busy working during the day, or perhaps tired after a long day of being with the family, we often can feel burdened with a whole list of things to do.

When this list becomes too much, it weighs on our mind, and it begins to feel heavy. This heaviness will eventually make you feel like you’re not getting anything done, or maybe there’s too much to do.

Stress really is a downwards spiral.

With too much stress, you’ll feel fatigued, and find it much harder to do the things you want to.

And with somethings, it might truly be harder to solve them quickly. So in the meanwhile, you should do your best to treat yourself better, and help you take on whatever you have to.

Reduce stress with a Massage Chair

Massages are relaxing, so you should go for more massages. However, it’s not always convenient to go for a massage all the time, you might not feel like going for one.

That’s why it’s important to have a place at home where you can unwind and relax. Massage chairs come in both compact and spacious options, which makes it easy to put one in your living room or bedroom.

Many of our Irelax massage chairs come with thermotherapy, heating inbuilt to the massages, to help relax your nerves. In combination with so many relaxing massage modes such as the shiatsu or Swedish massage modes, you can count on a massage chair to help you relax.

Massages are known for releasing endorphins, hormones which help you feel satisfied, and can encourage the production of serotonin, the hormones which help you relax. All of this combined will help you feel better than ever!

Your diet might not have enough nutritional value for you!

It’s so important to get the right nutrients in your diet to make sure you don’t feel so fatigued. Many nutrients which can help the recovery of muscles, and make you feel energised, include magnesium, potassium, and selenium!

Many of these are found in supplements, but they’re even easier to find in natural foods! Foods such as bananas are super high in magnesium and potassium. Selenium is popular amongst vegetables too!

But then, how would a massage chair help?

In reality, a massage chair cannot help you get more nutrition, that is almost impossible.

But what it can do is help you is improve the absorption of these nutrients. As stated earlier, the blood flow is important to help you absorb your nutrients. By helping increase the blood flow, you can make sure you get the nutrients you eat, and help you feel better quicker!

What else can I do to help reduce fatigue?

Fatigue comes from lifestyle, it’s hard to remove the fatigue with a simple medicine. It takes time and change to help reduce the fatigue in your life, but often that’s really hard to do.

Outside of a massage chair, you could try going for more walks, exercise with friends or social groups, or even go for swimming!

If you’re interested, we have some foot massagers and massage chairs which help increase blood flow and reduce tension in the body. We can do our best to help you reduce your fatigue, and make sure you feel energised again.