Do Full Body Massage Chairs Really Massage The Whole Body?

lady relaxing on sofa stretching out

We call it a full body massage chair, but what is actually included in a full body massage chair?

To answer that shortly, a full body massage chair can massage you all the way from your neck to the arches of your feet.

How can a massage chair reach that far? I’ll explain it simply using a nice massage chair example!

Where does a full body massage chair actually massage?

Let’s show you a reference massage chair massage track, which is taken from Irelax NZ’s Gemini massage chair!

Rotai Gemini track image

The main body of the massage chair has a massage track, which spans the back of the massage chair. This massage track typically features two or more rollers, which move up, down, left, right, inwards and outwards. Because of this, the massage chair can massage any part of your body which lies on the massage track or on the perimeter of the track.

Does a full body massage chair also massage my feet?

I’m glad you asked!

Full body massage chairs will also massage your calves and legs! Fun fact, when you buy a full body massage chair, it is assembled in two main parts, the body of the massage chair and the legs of the massage chair.

The calves and foot massager are attached with its own engine and rollers to massage you! Here’s an example from everyone’s beloved Ogawa Smart Reluxe massage chair!

ogawa smart reluxe foot image

Within the legs of the massage are foot rollers which massage your feet, and a calf bump roller, which presses against your calves. In combination with the airbags, your feet and calves all get massaged.

What are the benefits of a full body massage chair?

While it is possible to buy a massage chair that doesn’t have the leg components, you will miss out on some of the best parts of a full body massage chair! When you have both the body and leg components of a massage chair working together, it’s like having 3 masseuses massaging your body at the same time!

Our full body massage chairs work together to give you a massage that helps increase your blood flow, and speed up your muscle recovery. As blood flows around your body, it goes through your legs and feet to circulate around. It’s important that they are also stimulated at the same time to help you feel the most relaxed and help drain your fatigue.

Are full body massage chairs expensive?

At Irelax NZ, they don’t have to be. With our interest free options, we can split your payment over 36 months, with no added interest. Now, you can make the cost of a massage chair cheaper than $50 a week! With masseuse prices nearing almost $100 per hour, why wouldn’t you want to enjoy an even better experience, from the comfort of your own home?