New Zealand’s Cheapest Massage Chair | Is it Worth it?

It’s time to find out what is NZ’s best cheap massage chair, and whether its worth going cheap! Obviously, price is a factor in what massage chair we need to buy, so its important to consider what value we get out of choosing the cheapest option. 

Today, we’ll be discussing what you can do to find yourself a massage chair for cheap.

This blog will contain:

  • The cheapest massage chair that we have at Irelax
  • How you can get a massage chair at home and the office
  • When is the right time to upgrade your massage chair

What is the cheapest massage chair?

Our cheapest massage chair is the MYsofa massage sofa.

MYsofa Oscillating & Rocking Massage Sofa

From $2500, you’re able to get a massage chair that can easily replace a recliner. You can laze back, get a back massage, going from your shoulders down to your hips, enjoy airbags compressing against your side, and try four different styles of massage, everyday from the comfort of your home.

For approximately $17.40 per week, you can enjoy a massage everyday from the comfort of your own home or your own workplace. It’s perfect for anyone to relax and enjoy, all for less of the price of a coffee a day. From this perspective, it’s great value!

While this massage chair offers some of the best value for your money, there are our portable massage chair options which might suit your circumstances better!

Get a massage at home or at the office with a portable massage chair

Imagine taking a massage chair with you, anywhere you go! That’s precisely what a portable massage chair is! Unlike massage chair pads or massage seat cushions, the portable massage chairs are made of a higher quality build, and are made to support any weight and height.  

If you’re looking for a recommendation, then the best is none other than our Estilo Prime Plus Portable Massage Chair!

OGAWA Estilo Prime Plus Mobile Massage Chair

All you have to do is plug it in and press the remote! This option is much more affordable, and its even portable. You can enjoy the same features of a massage sofa or a massage chair for less, and still get the same level of control!

In my personal experience, portable massager are handier when you have leather sofas, as you can combine the cushioning of the sofa with the massage, and relax as you lean back. If you’re relatively tall, using a portable massager is very helpful, as you can easily adjust where the massage rollers are.

It’s also helpful for keeping at work in your office, as it can easily be switched from chair to chair. With its built-in heating, and its different massage strengths, it’s a great entry into the world of massage chairs.  

Is the portable massage chair similar to a massage seat cushion?

Nope! The difference is huge! Massage seat cushions are much thinner, much softer, and have weaker frames. The quality also tends to be lower and does not last as long.

Our portable massage chair has an inbuilt frame that has a strong track which can support any weight, and has a much longer massage coverage. From this perspective, wouldn’t it be better to have your neck, back and hips all massaged with a portable massage chair?

Is the massage chair pad similar to a portable massage chair then?

It’s the same story as before. A massage chair pad is very similar to a massage seat cushion! Just like a massage seat cushion, massage chair pads are soft and thin, don’t have sturdy frames, and can wear down easily over time.

On the other hand our portable massage chair not only lasts longer, but does a better job of massaging your back, neck, shoulders and hips.

Is there any point to buying a massage chair then?

If you haven’t used a massage chair before, then its important to first try one, the difference is huge. It’s easy to come into anyone of our stores to try the massage chairs out, here’s where you can find our flagship store!

With our Good Massage partnership, its easy to come in and try out our massage chairs. We even offer massage chair rentals if you want to find a suitable gap between paying for the full cost of a massage chair, and going for occasional massages.

Once you try a massage chair, you’ll know the difference as to why so many people love massage chairs. They’re great for your health, help you sleep better, and allow you to completely disconnect, and experience true relaxation.