Buying Guide

Why you need a massage chair

Why would I buy a massage chair when I could go for a massage? You’re not wrong, you can, massages are super relaxing. However, is it possible to go for one everyday, especially when you need it? Nowadays, we find ourselves only going for one when its too late, and we’re incredibly sore. Instead of waiting till we’re injured, why not actively take care of our health, and feel relaxed everyday. 

How to choose a massage chair

At Irelax, we have so many massage chairs to choose from, so how do you know which one to buy? Well, it all depends on what you want to use it for, and what you need. Check out this video to help you understand how you can choose the right massage chair. 

Installation Stage 1: Preparing the parts of your OGAWA Massage Chair

This video walks you through all the parts you would have receieved inside your Ogawa Massage Chair box. When opening your box, make sure that you have all the same parts and components inside your box to make sure you can quickly set it up, and relax instantly.

Installation Stage 2 – Assembling your Ogawa Massage Chair

This video walks you through a step by step tutorial on how to assemble your Ogawa Massage Chair. You can watch and build alongside the video to make sure you assemble it with no issues.

How to connect your Master Drive A.I to your Tablet

You’ve bought your Master Drive A.I, but how do you go about connecting it? This little video is all you need to get your massage chair connected and get you relaxed in no time!

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