Are Massage Office Chairs Worth It – An Honest Review?

office massage chair black on wooden floorboard

I know many people who either love it or hate it, so let’s see what people say, and why people end up buying, or not buying the massage office chairs.

Computer / Office Massage Chairs – The Brief Introduction

They’re computer chairs that you might have at work, but inside them is a massager. They function just like a normal office chair, the standard 5 legs, up and down lift. Some of them come with heating too.

Did you just say Office Massage Chairs with Heating?

Yeah! They’re actually pretty nice to have in the winter. If you’re a sloucher, or don’t have the best posture, then this is a great way to get yourself into better posture. After all, who doesn’t want a nice little heater at their back?

What are the benefits of an Office Massage Chair?

Who doesn’t like a massage at work? It’s the best way to get a massage within a short amount of time. With the heated features, you’re also able to loosen your muscles. So let’s simplify that quickly:

  • Heated massage chairs can loosen your muscles
  • A massage at work means you don’t feel as tired
  • An all-in-one package

However, the office massage chair does come with downsides

What are the cons of an Office Massage Chair?

While they might be warm and cozy, there’s a few issues when it comes to quality. The main thing is that the office massage chairs tend to only vibrate softly, and heat in one area. This means you can’t adjust it very often. Secondly, to find a good quality office massage chair, you’d need to pay around $1200 at least.

Lastly, most people already have an office chair, so why would they need a new one, right?

Let’s list out the cons now:

  • Cannot change the location of the massage
  • Often quite expensive
  • Hard to find a good quality office massage chair

What else can I do to get a massage at work?

If you’re looking for ways to get a massage at work, then why not simply get a small body massager, and put it behind your back?

On our site, we’ve got a high quality back and shoulder massager which comes with heating. Because it’s portable, you can adjust it to whatever position you feel fits! In addition, you can use it on any regular office chair, there’s no need to buy another office chair!

Breo iEnjoy 2 Portable Kneading Back Massager

Is a body massager worth it?

We’d like to think they’re better than a office massage chair. The three main reasons why a body massage is worth it is because:

  • They’re portable, meaning they can be used on any office chair
  • They’re much more affordable, meaning they can be bought for anyone
  • They’re adjustable, meaning it can suit anyone of any size

Come check out our body massagers and other portable massagers, and save with our new hot deals!