Introducing the Pioneering Fujiiryoki 5D AI Cyber Relax Massage Chair to irelax NZ

In the fast-paced world of today, maintaining a balanced lifestyle can be quite a challenge. At irelax NZ, we are committed to bringing the latest advancements in wellness technology that make achieving this balance easier.

Continuing this mission, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the cutting-edge Fujiiryoki 5D AI Cyber Relax Massage Chair. As the world’s first massage chair to utilise ground-breaking 5D AI technology, this chair is a revolution in the personal wellness sphere.

The Story of Fujiiryoki: Pioneering the Massage Chair Industry

Established in 1954, Fujiiryoki is a testament to dedication, innovation, and passion. This Japanese company has been at the forefront of the massage chair industry, refining and revolutionising wellness technology for nearly seven decades. This steadfast commitment to delivering high-quality and advanced wellness solutions is evident in the impressive Fujiiryoki 5D AI Cyber Relax Massage Chair.

But before that, Fuujiryoki have been working hard to deliver wellness and relaxation to many Japanese citizens.

Fujiiryoki, a company whose history is deeply intertwined with the development of massage chairs, began its illustrious journey in 1954. Their mission, much like today, was to enhance people’s quality of life through innovation and technology. What makes Fujiiryoki unique is not only the fact that they were the pioneers in creating the world’s first massage chair, but also their continuous commitment to pushing the boundaries of this technology.

Located in Tokyo, Japan, Fujiiryoki embarked on their quest to revolutionise personal wellness over six decades ago. The company’s name itself is a testament to their vision – “Fujiiryo” translates to “medical equipment” and “ki” means “hope”. From the onset, Fujiiryoki was focused on creating a product that could offer the healing and therapeutic benefits of a professional massage in the comfort of one’s own home.

In their early days, Fujiiryoki started with simple designs that emulated the basic hand movements of a masseuse. However, they didn’t stop there. The company sought to refine and advance their technology, culminating in numerous technological breakthroughs and patents that set the standard for the entire industry. Among these was the introduction of the ‘Super Mechanism’ in the 1980s, which led to the development of massage chairs capable of more complex movements and techniques, closely resembling those of a human massage.

The 21st century marked a significant period of growth and innovation for Fujiiryoki. Their relentless drive to enhance the effectiveness of their massage chairs and the therapeutic benefits they offer culminated in the creation of the world’s first 3D-point navigation system. This feature took customisation and precision in massage chairs to new heights, providing users with a bespoke wellness experience that could pinpoint and target specific areas of tension and discomfort.

Fast forward to today, Fujiiryoki continues to lead the industry with the introduction of the first-ever massage chair utilising ground-breaking 5D AI technology, the Fujiiryoki 5D AI Cyber Relax Massage Chair. This innovative technology ensures a tailor-made massage experience, replicating the movements and techniques of a professional masseuse with unmatched precision.

The history of Fujiiryoki is a testament to continuous innovation, unwavering commitment to improving personal wellness, and a deep understanding of the healing power of massage. Through each technological breakthrough and industry-first, they continue to redefine what a massage chair can do, setting the bar high for future developments in the wellness industry.

Revolutionary 5D AI Technology: A New Dimension to Personal Wellness

What makes the Fujiiryoki 5D AI Cyber Relax Massage Chair stand out is its pioneering 5D AI technology. This feature takes massage precision to the next level, replicating the movements and techniques of a professional masseuse. It boasts a five-dimensional movement range, including right-left, up-down, time-based speed fluctuation, pressure optimisation, and front-back penetration. The result is an unmatched, tailor-made massage experience that feels incredibly realistic.

Research shows that regular massage therapy can help with a range of health issues, including muscle recovery, stress reduction, and pain relief [1]. With this chair, you can access these health benefits at your convenience, from the comfort of your own home.

Advanced AI Sensing and Customisation: Your Massage, Your Way

Fujiiryoki believes that the best massage is the one that’s tailored to you. To achieve this, the 5D AI Cyber Relax Massage Chair features the AI Double Sensing feature. It uses advanced sensors to detect your shoulder position and create a detailed 3D recognition map of your back. This technology ensures a personalised massage that targets your unique tension points for maximum relief and relaxation.

In addition to this, the chair’s customisation capabilities are truly impressive. The User Customisation Mode allows you to register a specific profile, set intensity levels for various body parts, choose your preferred reclining angle, and adjust the air massage intensity. With this feature, you can curate a unique massage experience that caters to your specific needs.

A Symphony of Massage Techniques: Holistic Wellness at Your Fingertips

The Fujiiryoki 5D AI Cyber Relax Massage Chair comes equipped with an array of massage techniques, ensuring a holistic approach to your wellness. It offers six massage techniques, including kneading, Swedish massage, clapping, deep acupressure, stroking, and effleurage. These techniques, combined with 38 available massage modes and 53 kneading massage techniques and movements, allow for an extensive range of massage combinations.

Unmatched Comfort with Zero Gravity and Foot Sole Shiatsu

A key feature of this innovative massage chair is its Zero Gravity Technology. By creating a sensation of weightlessness, this feature significantly reduces stress on the spine and joints, providing a deeply relaxing experience. To further enhance your comfort, the chair includes a Deep Acupressure Foot Massage function. This feature utilises strong rollers and the revered Shiatsu technique to deliver a soothing foot massage that stimulates key pressure points for enhanced wellness.

The Mayo Clinic highlights how massage therapy can aid in managing anxiety and improving sleep quality [2]. The combined features of this Fujiiryoki chair are designed to bring these benefits to your home, revolutionising how you relax and unwind after a long day.

Intuitive Controls and Entertainment: A Truly Modern Experience

Making all these features easily accessible, the Fujiiryoki 5D AI Cyber Relax Massage Chair comes with an easy-to-use LCD touchscreen. Adjusting the settings and personalising your massage experience has never been easier.

For those who enjoy some entertainment while relaxing, the chair features built-in Bluetooth Speakers for music. What’s more, it responds to voice prompts, offering a hands-free massage experience.

Experience the Innovation with irelax NZ

The Fujiiryoki 5D AI Cyber Relax Massage Chair truly represents a leap forward in wellness technology. By combining advanced features, user-friendly controls, and a deep commitment to improving personal well-being, it redefines the way we approach relaxation and wellness.

At irelax NZ, we are proud to offer this innovative wellness solution. If you’re looking for an effective way to relieve muscle tension, de-stress, or simply enjoy a luxurious, full-body massage at home, the Fujiiryoki 5D AI Cyber Relax Massage Chair is your answer.

Experience the convergence of wellness and technology for yourself. Elevate your personal wellness journey with the power of the Fujiiryoki Massage Chair today.


[1] Best, T., Crawford, S., & Haas, C. (2020). Massage therapy for musculoskeletal pain: A systematic review of randomized controlled trials. International Journal of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, 13(2), 16–25.

[2] Mayo Clinic. (2020). Massage: Get in touch with its many benefits.

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