Ailment – Hand Pain

What Is Hand Pain?

The hand is truly one of the most amazing parts of the human body. Its complexity allows us to perform activities requiring intricate detail and skill, as well as rough tasks requiring power such as heavy lifting. 

It’s not surprising that the workload we expect of our hands, often repetitive and difficult, can lead to a multitude of problems that cause discomfort and pain.

According to ancient Chinese tradition, the hand is also thought to be the location of multiple reflex points. The belief is that by massaging certain areas on the hand, you are also treating problems on a corresponding body part. Therefore, hand pain can be indicative of wider physical problems.


What Are The Symptoms Of Hand Pain?

  • stiffness
  • throbbing
  • cramps
  • aching
  • joint tenderness


Hand Pain Causes

The complexity of the hand, with its many tendons, ligaments, muscles and nerves, means a high susceptibility to overuse and injury.

Repetitive actions, such as typing, using a computer mouse or working with hand tools, can cause the hands to ache. This is a very common problem, particularly given many people work on a computer every day.

Injuries caused by knocks and blows can lead to bruising, swelling, pain and other symptoms.

Conditions such as arthritis and Carpal tunnel syndrome can also cause intense hand pain.

Selfcare Solutions For Hand Pain

  • Gentle stretching exercises

– Rotate your wrists counter-clockwise and then clockwise. Repeat each movement 10 times.

– Open the hands as widely as possible, spread the fingers apart, then close the hands into a tight fist. Repeat 10 times.

– Use one hand to gently extend the fingers of the other hand back toward the chest for a gentle wrist stretch. Repeat five to 10 times.

  • Ice or heat packs

Use an ice pack for around 20 minutes to reduce inflammation. The cold will also act as pain relief. A heating pack can relieve stiff or aching muscles. Consider alternating between the two when hand pain is significant.

  • Massage and reflexology

Examine a reflexology chart and familiarise yourself with how hand pain can be indicative of broader physical problems. Attention and gentle massage can be hugely beneficial to your overall wellbeing.