Trading in your massage chairs has never been easier

You can now trade in your old massage chair and give you a discount on your massage chair from us! Whether you’ve bought it from us, or bought it from someone else, we can take in your old massage chair! 

Even if you have bought your massage chair from another brand, we can still trade it in!

Massage Chair Trade In Conditions: 

We do each of our trade-ins based on our own evaluation of the massage chairs.

The main criteria that we take into consideration when we evaluate the discount to give you for our trade-ins come from: 

  • The time from when the massage chair was purchased
  • The condition the massage chair is in, and
  • The functionality of the machine

To help you get started, here’s how you can get to applying for a trade-in.

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    Enjoy your new massage chair

    How to Apply for the Massage Chair Trade In

    The first step is to find out when the massage chair was delivered to your house, which can be done by checking your receipt, or confirming your details with either us or the brand which you bought the massage chair from. In addition, you will also need to find the model number of your massage chair.

    After you have collected the information around the time of purchase and the model you have bought, you will then need to take photos of all sides of the massage chair, and close up of all of the features which are commonly used (arm massage area, foot massager etc) as well as any scratches. Lastly, you also need to prove the functionality of all features of the massage chair through a video.

    This information should all be sent into when requesting a massage chair trade in to best help us evaluate your massage chair for when we perform a trade in.

    How do I get the Old Massage Chair Discount?

    Based on our evaluation of the massage chair from the information you send in, we can give you a quotation for your old massage chair, and discount it off the purchase of your new massage chair. 

    When we deliver your new massage chair, we will also take your old massage chair from you, meaning there is no shipping cost involved for you!

    Other Massage Chair Brand Trade In Policy

    For any other brands of massage chair trade in, we offer Master Drive Plus, Family Inada Robo or the Master Drive AI only. All the functions of the massage chair have to be operating well, otherwise the price will be dropped accordingly. However, we do not trade in other brand massage chairs which is over 2 years or broken.

    For the other brand trade in, here is the minimum amount which the customer would need to pay for our Master Drive A.I or Master Drive Plus massage chair through the other massage chair brand trade in:

    This service is only available in North island New Zealand.

    If you have any other questions, then feel free to call out to our support team at 09-9486188