iRest Massage Chair


iRest was founded in 2003 with the core values of “innovation, pragmatism, openness, sharing, civilization, harmony, dedication, integrity”. It connects the world with quality and communicates the world with ingenuity.

As a Brand starting from massage chair manufactory industry, iRest is more about design and manufacture the most suitable, affordable, long-lasting massage chairs to meet the needs of well-being. With more than 300 intellectual property rights, 115 appearance design, 79 utility model patents, the products has being exported to Asia, Europe, America, Australia, New Zealand, more than 100 countries and regions, established thousands of outlets over 300 cities in China.

iRest Massager

Irelax as the exclusive distributor of iRest, we focus on providing the affordable, suitable and achievable massage chairs to benefit to the local people.

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