Good Massage Massage Chair

Good Massage is on a mission to make the powerful health benefits of massage accessible to all. Whether you want to rent, buy or try in-store, we offer affordable pricing options and the highest standard of massage chairs.

Engineered and programmed to utilise the techniques of ancient massage practices, each of Good Massage chairs is your own private and expert masseuse, skilled at delivering a professional massage specific to your needs.

Our Good Massage Massage Chair List


Technology and high fashion go hand in hand with the Good Massage GM450 intelligent Spaceship Chair. With “intelligent response functions”, this chair delivers more massage possibilities than you will find time to enjoy! The core functions have been rigorously upgraded and the journey of “space walking” is thus opened.

Approx.$35.20 / week on 36 months interest free.


Introducing the Wondera, a luxury massage chair that brings together the best of technology and design. Its advanced features provide remarkable benefits for those struggling with neck and back pain, promising a truly relaxing experience. Pre-order Now ! ETA Mid of December.

Approx.$22.50 / week on 36 months interest free.

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