FUJIIRYOKI Massage Chair – The First In The World

FUJIIRYOKI was founded in 1954. Late Nobuo Fujimoto who was the founder and opened “Fujiiryoki Workshop” in Japan and this was the beginning. At that time, many Japanese people had gone to public baths in the town. Fujimoto who was selling scrub brush to wash tiles in public baths thought whether he could do something in the dressing room where people gather and relax for healing the fatigue of the day and he started to develop massage chair.

“the first machine, FUJIIRYOKI Automatic Massage Machine” was finally completed in 1954. It only a “knead” massage function was equipped and it is a simple mechanism in which the massage balls move up and down by turning the handle that is placed on the side. It broke down the traditonal idea of “tapping, kneading by human hands or tools” and became revolutionary product like “the machine massage by just sitting on the chair.”

For now, massage chairs have become popular from public baths, hot-spring inn to home and the world to keep supporting people’s health.

The company has disseminated this unique “Japanese massage chair culture” from Japan to the world, and has contributed to lifestyle improvement and health management for many people.

Since its foundation, Fujiiryoki has always developed products that respond to customer needs, we manufacture most durable made in Japan massage chairs for your health.

Our Fujiiryoki Massage Chair List

Original price was: $14,950.00.Current price is: $13,500.00.

Experience relaxation like you never have before with our new leading technology, innovative Fujiiryoki 5D AI Cyber Relax massage chair.

Approx.$86.54 / week on 36 months interest free.

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